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Other adventures

Available: all year

Besides diving our passion also lies in exploring the highlands and glaciers of Iceland.

We are mountain and glacier guides in Iceland and have taken wilderness first aid training. We can arrange an array of private excursions:

Glacier hikes : This can be done as a daytrip from Reykjavik or as part. of a multiday trip to the Glacier lagoon.

Ice cave exploring: Ice caves can be visited as a daytrip from Reykjavik . (Only in winter and spring)

4x4 trips to the highlands: We will cross rivers and visit an unearthly landscape high up in the Icelandic mountains. We will use a specially modified vehicle for this.

Custom trips: Make your own trip! We can guide (almost) every activity in Iceland ,from diving to glacier hiking, off road 4x4, Snowmobiling on the glacier to sightseeing everything on the ring road.


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